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What do we offer?

Sparklon supports organizations with the development, realization and the management of new business concepts. With the focus on processes, systems, information and organization.




Our team

We are a team of professionals, working on the cutting edge of processes, systems and organization. We find our challenge in supporting organizations, which want to develop and realize new business concepts.
Cees Spaamer
To initiate improvements and innovations is very inspiring for me. In business and in my private life I am constantly looking for challenges. I like to
Jos van Assendelft
At first sight creativity and structure are contradictory concepts. For me they are one of a kind. Each development begins with a creative idea. But in order to realize that idea you need a firm structure.
Stijn Kempen
junior consultant
I am fascinated by innovation. It is challenging and rewarding. Innovative working methods lead to a society with more room for quality. This will improve the lives of many people.
Jimmy jimenez rojas
business annalist
Innovation often involves defining and selecting support systems. The choice is difficult, partly because of too much supply or precisely because of the lack of it.

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